How to deal with anxiety



22 Mar 2022

Image Credit: Pixabay - Engin_Akyurt

Anxiety is a mental condition that can cause panic attacks or tension. Anxiety is the body’s natural response to stress, worry, or unease. It’s a normal part of life that can be triggered by so many things. Anxiety can be difficult to control because it affects one’s daily activities. It can be triggered by a lot of things, which include moving into a new school, relocating to a new place, or meeting people for the first time.

Some of the common symptoms of anxiety are:

Excessive worry



Weakness or Tiredness

Increased heart rate

Here are some of the ways you can deal with anxiety:

1) Find out what triggers your anxiety: Take time to discover what triggers your anxiety. Anxiety triggers differ from one person to another. It’s necessary for you to discover what triggers your anxiety so you’ll be able to manage it well. Common triggers of anxiety include stress from work, health issues, negative thinking, socializing with people, changes in the environment, e.t.c. Once you find out what triggers your anxiety, you can get a journal to note whenever you’re feeling anxious and what led to the anxiety.

2) Stay positive: One of the things that triggers anxiety is negative thoughts. Stop thinking about negative things. Instead, think positively and have a positive mindset. When you find yourself in stressful situations, try to stay positive. Keep a gratitude journal and write down a list of things that make you happy. This will also help you remain positive.

3) Eat healthy foods: Eating vegetables, fruits, and proteins can help reduce anxiety. Foods rich in magnesium and zinc can help lower your anxiety. Eat healthy and balanced meals, do not skip meals, and limit your intake of alcohol. Instead, take more water.

4) Practice yoga: Practicing yoga will help reduce the level of stress hormones in your body. Meditation can help ease your mind from stress and worry. It will also help brighten your mood. Examples of yoga poses you can do when you feel anxious include Hero pose, Fish pose, Child's pose, and Triangle pose.

5)Get enough sleep: When you're stressed, your body finds it difficult to sleep, and depriving yourself of sleep can increase your anxiety. To reduce your anxiety, you should learn to sleep for eight hours daily. This will help reduce your anxiety.