7 things that give Nigerians joy



30 Mar 2022

Image Credit: unsplash - Vonecia Carswell

With death tolls rising, inflation and people suffering, it is becoming unbearable to live in Nigeria. Most people are looking for ways to get out and can you blame them?

For many of us still stuck in the country, here are a few things that give us some joy.

1. Reality TV shows

Whether it is Big Brother Naija, Who wants to be a millionaire, Nigerian Idol or Young Famous and Africa, Nigerians always have one show distracting them and that can be a good thing. People who complain that Nigerians should focus on nation-building should know that Nigerians need some mental relief from this country’s troubles.

2. Celebrity gossip

There is nothing Nigerians love more than enjoying sweet gossip about celebrities, especially when their marriage is crashing or they are accused of paternity fraud or cheating. Talking about the intimate details of people’s lives remedies boredom and depression.

3. Wizkid / Davido beef

The country might be going down in flames but the fans of these two musicians will go head-to-head fighting all day and night. I understand how it can be a worthy distraction from living in Nigeria. Plus, we get to delight in the wins of these superstars, follow their lives and take our minds off ours.

4. Instagrams comedians and TikTok

In case you are feeling depressed, TikTok will give you a good laugh. Instagram comedians are more than Nigerians nowadays. So surplus entertainment for you.

5. Football

Almost every Nigerian male is a football fanatic. Football is a worthy distraction and football banter can be a cure for depressive thoughts.

6. Popular music

Ah! Finesse! Singing the latest popular songs can give Nigerians some sort of joy. These songs are like earworms and they make you feel good.

7. Japa plans

But nothing makes a Nigerian happier than planning to leave the country.