Strangers leave within me, both says the other is wrong, so who is right? I'm stock within their web, a prisoner of my own mind. I stand intertwined...Read more


The 30th of May-5th ofJune 2024 was a horrible period for students of Unilorin( popularly called the ‘Better by Far’ University) residing on Campus....Read more


Undertaker, I burn calculators,  Just searching for papers, in this Acres, We're acting like slaves man, in this endless game, Chasing papers, ...Read more


"Burdened with a glorious purpose, I carry the weight of my calling with every step. It's a burden that's not burdensome, but life-giving. For I kno...Read more


You want me back You never made an effort to keep me before  Why now? What do you want from me? Do you want to see me crumble again when you le...Read more


  In the heart of an ornate cage, woven from gilded bars, a bird sat perched, her vibrant feathers a stark contrast to the confining metal that...Read more


OMOTAYO Omo mi,my child of joy Appeared like the sun during my stormy times Smiles from the heavens enough to make my troubled heart melt Mo ti fera...Read more


As we surface through the face of Faceless time, He finds himself lost in the lines that now define. The wrinkles that whisper the wisdom he's gaine...Read more


The worst pain I have felt as a writer... I wanted to post a write-up early. The words were flowing from my head as I typed. I stopped to read what ...Read more


"The presence of peace doesn't mean there's no war in the hearts of men, and the absence of war doesn't mean there's peace. The calm before the stor...Read more


He's always been told that blood is thicker than water, but his life has been a contradiction to this age-old adage. His blood ain't blood, and his ...Read more


A man lies still, his chest rising and falling with each breath. His eyes are empty, his heart is hollow, and his soul is lost. He has no purpose, n...Read more


"Young minds, eager to shine, often chase riches without toil. They seek the easy way, a shortcut to fame, a path paved with gold, but not worn by e...Read more


Yes, I'm a sinner, I admit to my unrighteousness and the impurity of my thoughts and actions. Just flesh and blood, some might say, but I know I'm b...Read more


Nobody escapes old age and death. Our existence as individuals is merely like a brief flare from a struck matchstick. Yet, most people behave as if ...Read more


I had taken an oath  The more I see the less I speak. So while I sat there burning with love I  could not speak  For my personal cree...Read more


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War, the creation of men, a curse upon the earth A plague that spreads its evil birth From minds that conjure conflict and strife Leaving death and ...Read more